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Founded in 1998 in Chicago, VISANOW is the first legal immigration services provider to utilize a technology-based solution to dramatically improve the legal services experience. Our patented online process guarantees fast attorney response times, easy access to case information, comprehensive customer support, and high visa approval rates.

VISANOW’s attorneys have filed tens of thousands of cases for immigrants, business people, and international travelers with a 99.7% case approval rate. VISANOW’s immigration attorneys have the experience and credibility to handle any immigration case, no matter the size or complexity.

About VISANOW’s Services

VISANOW is an all-inclusive online immigration service provider, which means we’re fully invested in your immigration case from start to finish and we guarantee our results. Our patented online platform, experienced and reliable attorneys, and unparalleled customer support services allow us to offer everything from work visas and permits to permanent resident assistance and employment compliance.

Our services include business immigration processing (in the United States and worldwide), employment eligibility services, and immigration and visa processing for individuals and their families.


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What if you could navigate the immigration process without stretching your budget, drowning in paperwork, or feeling uncertain about what steps to take? Traditional immigration makes it easy to overspend on getting the answers and assurance you need; but VISANOW is revolutionizing the immigration experience.

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