Employment Eligibility

Improving Employment Eligibility

With VISANOW’s online technology, you are able to easily validate your I-9s against the federal E-Verify system in order to maintain employment compliance for your company. By managing this process digitally, you can drastically reduce the amount of time your HR department spends on employment eligibility, and improve your company’s overall efficiency.

How VISANOW Improves the Employment Eligibility Experience

Unlike other providers, VISANOW backs all of our employment eligibility and E-Verify services with unlimited legal consultation. There is no reason to wait for your provider to call you back, or schedule billed hours with your attorney, in order to get your questions about compliance answered.

VISANOW’s online management system can save your company time and money by providing:

  • Increased accessibility with centralized online storage
  • Simplified I-9 creation and re-verification, from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited legal advice, at no extra charge
  • Streamlined internal audits, to reduce compliance risk
  • Simplify E-Verify validation

To get started on improving your company’s employment eligibility efficiency, open your online account today or visit our Employment Visa FAQs page.

Employment Eligibility Verification

Request More Information

Complete a risk free, case assessment with one of VISANOW’s trusted immigration specialists today. During the case assessment you will discuss everything you need to know to feel confident moving forward with the immigration process. The free case assessment will cover:

  • The emploment eligibility and I-9 compliance process
  • Government processing times
  • Your general questions
  • VISANOW’s guaranteed compliance and verification services