How Does it Work?

The immigration process is full of complications and unexpected events. You should be able to rely on your immigration provider to help you every step of the way, and be confident in their expertise and support; with VISANOW, you get both. You can also expect:

Confidence in your case.

We have decades of experience in filing all types of immigration cases, and work diligently to make sure your case is prepared to our high standards. We won’t file it until we’re sure we have prepared the strongest case possible.

All-inclusive case preparation.

We will spend as much time on your case as necessary, without billing you for extra attorney hours. If the government issues a Request for Further Evidence (RFE), we will respond quickly and appropriately at no extra cost to you.

A money-back guarantee.

We know how important the immigration process is. If your case ultimately gets denied, you can choose whether to receive a refund from VISANOW* or to have us re-file the case for free. But, our 95%+ approval rate means you probably won’t have to choose either option.

*Some restrictions apply; please contact your VISANOW representative for details.