Founded in 1998 in Chicago, VISANOW set out to revolutionize the visa experience.

It’s been more than fifteen years since we started helping individuals and employers through the immigration and visa application process. In 1998, our founder and CEO Robert Meltzer was a practicing attorney who saw an opportunity to help people. He recognized that the entire process—from getting the ball rolling, to waiting, to filing and completing the paperwork, was stressful and inefficient. And for many, not having a trustworthy guide meant it was expensive.

We have one goal when it comes to helping our clients: make it easier. More than anyone, VISANOW attorneys understand that the immigration and visa process puts your entire life on hold. Whether you’re an employer trying to secure top talent, a businessperson trying to expand your operations, or a mother, father, sister, or partner or spouse trying to reunite with loved ones or pursue your education, waiting and worrying about visa or immigration status is a huge hardship.

Today, VISANOW has one of the most trusted processes in the industry. We use the best of both people and technology, provide you with fast, proven service, and offer a simple and transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees. Our clients are paired with a VISANOW trained, in-house attorney from beginning to end, not a third party referral.

No matter where you’re coming from, what your industry or situation, we have experience and know how to help you. Your life and dreams shouldn’t be put on hold for paperwork. Let’s work together to get you through the process and back to living your life.

Our Services

VISANOW is a full-service immigration service provider integrating the best of both people and technology. We provide a fully transparent and simple way to handle immigration and visa cases from start to finish. We have extensive experience helping individuals and employers navigate everything from work visas and permits to permanent residency. We want to reduce the stress associated with completing the process so that you can get on with living your life.

Our process guarantees:
  • 24/7 visibility into your application and continuous support
  • 30 minute response times to all your questions and concerns
  • 95%+ approval rates (In fact, we guarantee approval on most applications)

Our services include business immigration processing (in the United States and worldwide) and immigration and visa processing for individuals and their families.

For questions about your situation, or to learn more about VISANOW, please contact one of our immigration experts today.