Extended Employment Eligibility for Some H-4 Dependent Spouses

WHATDo you need to know?

Under President Obama’s November 20th, 2014 Executive Order, USCIS will begin accepting work authorization applications for certain H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B nonimmigrant visa holders who have already started the employment-based green card process.

We are advising employers to take some time now to determine whether:

Your company will cover the cost of this application for employees
Your company will require employees to pursue this opportunity on their own

If your employees will be filing these applications on their own, please refer them to VISANOW’s family-based services at 855-960-5413.

WHENShould you file?

On May 26th, 2015, USCIS will begin accepting work authorization applications for H-4 dependents.

USCIS may change this date, so look out for alerts from VISANOW!

The estimated government processing time is around 90 days.

WHOIs eligible to apply?

H-4 Dependent Spouses

whose H-1B visa-holding spouse meets one of the following requirements:

An approved I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker
A pending PERM/labor certification application,which has been pending for at least 365 days and has extended the H-1B status past the six-year limit.

HOWCan you Get Started?

Contact VISANOW at 855-960-5413

for more information or to get H-4 work authorization cases started!

  • Submit application I-765 Employment Authorization form
  • USCIS Government filing fee: $380
  • No premium processing will be available
USCIS has stated that the work authorization (EAD) will be approved for the same amount of time as the individual’s H-4 nonimmigrant status in the United States.

WHY is this program important?

This new H-4 work authorization program aims to:

Help transition H-1B visa holders and dependents from temporary worker status to permanent resident status.

Provide more economic stability to families dependent on an H-1B status.

Help provide a better quality of life for families dependent on H-1B status.